Important Update

Dear Members

I have been contacted by Mick Miguel & Phil Armstrong expressing their wish to take over the administration of the Bakerloo Lottery Syndicate.
As most of you are aware I now live in Spain so this makes perfect sense and I wish to assist them in every way possible.
Because the bank account we all pay our contributions into is a personal bank account, this we had no control over when the Woolwich Building Society was taken over by Barclays, I cannot transfer that account to Mick & Phil so members wishing to be a part of the New Syndicate will have to contact Mick or Phil and complete a new standing order and of course cancel the existing one.

After speaking to Mick, I understand he is aiming to launch the New Lottery Syndicate in September so there is bound to be a period of changeover and during that time the funds received into the Original Lottery account will be used in the same format as stated below.

Mick & Phil have invited me to be a member of their New Syndicate and I will be taking up their offer.

Any questions please contact Mick Miguel on 07876 316347 as he has all the information regarding both Lottery Syndicates but if you wish to contact me please use the “contact Mike” tab at the top of this page.


August 2017

Since this Syndicate started the National Lottery has changed and it is now time for the Bakerloo Syndicate to change as well... The lines we currently play do not cover all the numbers now included in the draw so we have even less chance of winning. Also some members have left the Syndicate and we have been funding there lines from the small winning and investments I previously made ( Premium Bonds)

Following on from my previous message (above) and taking note of the comments from emails and speaking to members as from 12th March 2016 we will no longer be playing the Lotto on Saturdays we will be playing the euro millions on Fridays with any small winning being used to buy tickets for the Tuesday draw the following month. So to summarise the subscriptions collected will be used to purchase euro millions Friday tickets for four weeks and any winnings accumulated during that four week period will be used to purchase Tuesday tickets spread over the following month.

As I am sure you have heard by now I am retiring in April, but I will still continue to administer the syndicate for as long as members want me to.


March 2016

To All Members

As you are all now aware I have retired and moved to Spain, the Lottery Syndicate is still running in the format in the above sections.
I have had a few messages from members tell me that questions have been asked in the mess rooms on the line about no contact from me to members.... When we started the syndicate I used to print and send out ( via members staff pigeon holes etc ) newsletters and always asked members to confirm receipt of the newsletter via email so I had everyone current email address and I got some feedback as well....the response was almost none so I moved to setting up this website as a way of everyone being able to contact me ...... this is still the case so any questions etc please just drop me an email via this site or at .

Some members have left without even contacting me and a few have left in the correct manner, if you are thinking of leaving please let me know so I can remove your name from the membership agreement......

To summarize we play the euro every Friday and the euro most Tuesdays, depending on the winnings from the previous month......


August 2016